Carbon Gel Vento Hind Boot
Double Ventilation System releases heat build-up by channeling the heat away from the horse's leg.
Dhs. 650.00
Carbon Shield
Revolutionary overreach boot designed for a whole and safe protection of the heel area. It is anatomically shaped and has an Extra-carbon protection on heel area. 
Dhs. 650.00
Duetto Guarnieri chaps
Dhs. 800.00 Dhs. 550.00
Duetto Guarnieri chaps
Chaps featuring stretch zone for the foot’s morphological variables. It's made of genuine leather and has a spur holder element with two vertical housing.
Dhs. 800.00 Dhs. 550.00
Hind Boots Pro Classic By Baloubet
Feltlock boot with interior in leather. Inside lined in genuine soft leather to give maximum comfort and ideal for sensitive skins.
Dhs. 650.00
Olympus Hind Boot
Anatomic Semi Rigid-PU™ dual density shell provides a high level of protection while allowing for freedom providing maximum comfort and support. EVA™ Foam lined strike plate provide shock protection and tendon support.
Dhs. 500.00
Pro Jump Back Boot Two Strap
Functional fetlock boot that helps improve hind end performance.
Dhs. 550.00
Sold Out
Sheepskin Grand Prix Back Boot
Give your sensitive-skinned horse all the protection of the world-renowned Veredus fetlock boots, with the added comfort of sheepskin lining. These boots are lined with natural orthopedic sheepskin, which acts as a non-allergenic temperature regulator to give maximum comfort. These...
Dhs. 550.00
Tekno Shield
Revolutionary overreach boot designed for a whole and safe protection of the heel area.
Dhs. 450.00
Young Jump Back Boots
The Veredus Young Jump back boots protect the fetlock and comply with British Showjumping and FEI rules for young horse classes. Featuring an anatomically shaped polyurethane impact-resistant shell and Aerox breathable neoprene padding, the boots are waterproof and have a...
Dhs. 425.00
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