Appeals made as federation’s suspension is ‘killing the sport’


Appeals made as federation’s suspension is ‘killing the sport’


The decision by the FEI to suspend activities within the UAE across all FEI disciplines in response to rule-breaking in endurance is under the spotlight as lawyers describe the decision as “unprecedented” and appeals are prepared. H&H speaks to lawyers in Europe and Abu Dhabi, as well as a Dubai-based showjumper, about the situation...

ARABIC and European lawyers are taking and considering action against the FEI’s suspension of the UAE federation, describing the decision as “killing the sport”.

H&H reported on 1 October that the FEI had fully across any FEI discipline until 31 December, and all national endurance activities until 31 March 2021. This move was a result of an investigation into two major endurance rides run as national events at the start of this year. 

Lawyers and members of the equestrian community in the UAE have asked why other disciplines should suffer for endurance’s mistakes, and the UAE federation has said it will appeal the decision.



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