Deluxe Stirrups
Deluxe leather-look stirrup straps. They have rounded edges to prevent rubbing and a strong nylon web core, so will never stretch or snap. Highly recommended for use with the Thorowgood saddles. Suitable for all synthetic saddles. Easy to clean, long...
Dhs. 100.00
Dressage Girth
An award-winning girth in a dressage style, gently curved for a snug, contoured fit. It has Airoform cushioning, as it really stays that way no matter how much use it gets and eliminates any pinching of the sensitive skin behind...
Dhs. 200.00
Synthetic Saddle
If your horse is neither low nor high-withered, more of medium withered shape, middleweight horse then this universal fitting saddle is the answer. Super-comfy deeper seat that gives you a little extra in-saddle security and locates you centrally for balance...
Dhs. 5,000.00
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